14 January, 2019

    The Border Wall Resistance Is Showing Signs of Weakness

    As the border wall shutdown showdown persists, it’s appropriate to detail a few relevant facts…
    World Events
    9 January, 2019

    5G: Next Gen Tech

    2019 holds the promise of faster, more reliable wireless service as Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and…
    8 January, 2019

    Settled Science or Junk Science

    IT IS SETTLED!  The scientific method of discovery has been abandoned in favor of Climate…
    Coin Central
    5 January, 2019

    How Blockchain Cryptography is Fighting the Rise of Quantum Machines

    Blockchain cryptography is at the very heart of what keeps cryptocurrencies and other digital assets…
    2 January, 2019

    Mass Hysteria and the Shutdown Showdown

    *Updated 01-09-2019 to include the President’s Oval Office address at the end of the article.…
    Coin Central
    28 December, 2018

    Why Did the Crypto Market Crash?

    The over 80 percent decline seen in Bitcoin and other crypto markets may still have…
    I AM Series
    27 December, 2018

    I AM: The Kingdom of Heaven

    In the previous installment of this series, we reviewed passages concerning the Day of the…
    26 December, 2018

    Wall Street Journal’s High Frequency Trading Epiphany

    On October 29, 2013, I wrote an article titled “Understanding Equities (Stocks)”, specifically highlighting my…
    Coin Central
    22 December, 2018

    Blockchain Industry Downturn Causing Chinese Investor Jitters

    Many Chinese blockchain investors found themselves in an unnerving predicament after the recent disenchanting cryptocurrency…
    World Events
    19 December, 2018

    Erdoğan’s Ottoman Ambitions

    In February, I presented a fairly in-depth expose concerning Turkish President Erdoğan’s apparent determination to…