A Trip Down the Uranium One Rabbit Hole

Friday's DOJ indictment of Mark Lambert connects Judge Chuang, Mueller, Rosenstein, McCabe and more... It will blow your mind.

Thanks to the great work of independent researcher Imperator_Rex, we all get a glimpse of the corrupt connective tissue holding the Uranium One bribery scandal under wraps, and it all ties back to the indictment released on Friday.

The extremely short version is that Mark Lambert’s indictment is being handled by U.S. District Court Judge Theodore D. Chuang, the same judge who blocked President Trump’s immigration order and just happens to have a coincidental link to Obama and Harvard.

See the entire Tweet string below.

Truth is stranger than fiction.

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  1. This is the first time I’ve seen this person’s information, although I have seen similar stuff. But Imperator_Rex took it a little deeper. Good to see this from different sources. It makes me think Campbell’s testimony may make it to the point of causing criminal referrals from Congr3ess to the Justice Department. If only Jeff Sessions is really working on this stuff. If he is, it is well hidden, to date.

    1. If Imperator can do this independently – without deep-pocket government funds, it leads me to believe what I have suspected for years. All the talk of committees, investigations, special prosecutors, etc. is nothing more than a placebo to numb American minds. There appears to be no intent to hold the real bad actors accountable at the top. Instead, they go after low-hanging fruit like Manafort and Page. It’s a disgrace.

      1. Some committee hearings need to be done, just because we would never hear of the problems and atrocities from anywhere else, as in the case of Benghazi, and all the Hillary email and the FBI/Justice corruption scandal. Most other committees have been theater for far too many decades. Even the Warren Commission and the 9/11 Commission were both a huge waste of time for the public. Numbing minds is all they seem to accomplish.
        For Mueller to go after Manafort, Page, and then indict Flynn on that process charge, while doing everything possible to protect Hillary Clinton and the DNC, I would like to see Trump issue a few pardons. That’s how much of a disgrace I see in the Mueller sham. Our society has gone off the deep end when they have to prop up someone, like Mueller, after all he had his hands on, and his refusal to recuse himself. The rule of law has gone somewhere else, when we really need it front stage.

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