An Open Letter to Congress

A Conservative Call to Emergency Action

In less than two months, one of the greatest opportunities for conservative constitutional change may be lost forever, as the cabal of leftist-influence continues to gain ground.

That is not hyperbole.  There is and has been a concerted effort between overt and covert leftist agents working within federal agencies, the educational system, legacy media, social media, and corporate America to silence and thwart conservative voices…for decades.  And, they’re winning.

All we need to do is reference David Brock’s agenda as the latest example of what the left wants to do and how they plan to achieve it.  They’re not hiding.  Their agenda has been in plain sight for decades.

Unfortunately, as evidenced by the many viral videos circulating the Internet, too many people have been captivated and duped by the steady indoctrination of leftist lies, whether it’s the “science” behind the theory of evolution, climate change, abortion (when life begins and why it matters), gender identity, the LGBT agenda, immigration, racism, voter ID, radical Islamic extremists, healthcare, taxes, the push for gun control, and the list goes on…

Worse, when pressed, many can’t articulate why they believe what they believe, yet they are motivated to be very vocal activists, nonetheless.

How did we arrive at a point in history where speaking up against any of the hot topics listed above rises to the level of hate speech?  Yes, they’re winning.

Our country may be divided, but the damage is not irreparable.

If we want to expose the lies lurking in darkness, we must turn on the light of truth!

Unfortunately, a small candle like mine will never penetrate their web of darkness.  We need every conservative voice to unite, exposing every lie, distortion, and distraction with hard facts.  We need to name names and provide sources.  We need hard data as the light of proof so the lies have nowhere to hide.

In the political arena, we need unprecedented transparency, which means President Trump needs to declassify sensitive information to expose them immediately.  It means he needs to sacrifice public opinion to shut down the soft coup attempting to undermine his agenda.

The Trump-Russia-Mueller investigation needs to be shuddered and everyone who contributed to its illegitimacy needs to be exposed and either fired or convicted, whichever is appropriate and enforceable.  The links between government leaks and the media need to be exposed, with their names emblazoned across every conservative media outlet.

Since they cannot be shamed, we need to force the leftist cabal to defend their lies, and whenever or wherever they try to obfuscate, we need to remain resolutely focused in our efforts to reveal the truth.

Instead of campaigning in the traditional sense to change the hearts and minds of reasonable, common-sense voters over the next few weeks, I would encourage each member of Congress to use all their available resources to confront and expose the soft coup.

Stop talking about policies and political agendas.

Stop defending yourselves solely against one opponent in one district or state.

Instead, each member of Congress should focus their attention on exposing the broader left-leaning disinformation campaign that was designed to deceive the American public.  By doing so, you may not influence informed individuals whose affiliations are already established, but you will be effective in reaching those who are uninformed or undecided.  More important, you will energize complacent conservatives to make their voices heard at the polls.

After we retain control in both the House and Senate, we need to continue our effort to expose and silence the lies.  Every.  Single.  One.  Every.  Single.  Time.

And, we need to do it in a way that doesn’t soft-peddle the truth.  We need to confront lies head-on.  In debates, we need to stop letting the left control the narrative.

For instance, gun violence has nothing, NOTHING to do with guns.  Guns are simply a tool of execution, just like knives, cars, and bombs.  The problem is not the tool.  The problem is the technician.  If the technician has evil intent, he will find a tool to execute his evil desires, even if all he has available is a rock.

Abortion has nothing to do with choice or women’s health issues.  It has everything to do with the real science of murdering an innocent life.  Science confirms life begins at conception (i.e. Evolution and the first self-replicating cell), despite whether that life is sustainable outside the womb at any point before 20 weeks.

When it comes to public debates and interviews, we need to stay on point, hammering the core issues while highlighting the truth.  Data points may be our back-up, but we need to use the leftist tactics of appealing to emotion first, showing compassion yet never wavering from the truth.

Recent attacks against Judge Kavanaugh should be the final wake-up call concerning their unrelenting assault against the truth.  If the allegations of impropriety are true and so damaging, why wasn’t anything done 35 years ago?  Why wasn’t anything done in 2012 or 2013?  The ruse to smear him is blatantly transparent, yet it’s working.

Emergency efforts need to be executed immediately to stop the bleeding!

If effectively alerted to the truth, most Americans will eventually wake up to the promise of a brighter future and unite behind our conservative ideals, ultimately breaking down the barriers of manufactured hate that divide us.  But, if we don’t start now with an all-out assault against their onslaught of lies, we may never get the chance.

Know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free!

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  1. Thanks for the excellent article. I would like to see it presented to Congress. I’d also like to see it as a Help Wanted ad in every newspaper and social media platform. Why not? It is asking for workers!

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