Effectively Exposing the Progressive FANGs and Other Social Media Censors

And the Soros-funded groups behind the never-ending campaign against traditional American values

Over the past week, I have seen countless articles referring to a document titled Democracy Matters: Strategic Plan for Action, a private and confidential report presented by David Brock to a group of 100 donors at Turnberry Isle Resort in Aventura, FL in January of 2017.

Before I address the report, I want to give you a moment to let that sink in…

This earth-shattering report that has set the conservative news wires on fire was first revealed by Joe Schoffstall at The Washington Free Beacon on January 26, 2017, after a week-long series of articles offering its details.

Again, let that sink in for a moment.  It was released almost two years ago, but for most of the conservative world, this is the first we’re hearing about it.

The report (included in its entirety below) is a 49-page roadmap for the take-down of Donald J. Trump.



David Brock is the founder of Media Matters, a George Soros funded organization, who, together with American Bridge 21st Century PAC, CREW (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington), and Shareblue Media, unashamedly planned – from day one – to undermine every effort of the Trump administration, because they claim a moral mandate due to Hilary Clinton’s capture of the popular vote.

Don’t be distracted by the fact that proven voter fraud most likely contributed to her popular win.  Unfortunately, we’ll never know the full extent of illegal voting activity since many states refuse to require voter ID, but due to the valiant work of James O’Keefe and Project Veritas, we know voter fraud is alive and well…and the political left is behind it.  And, even though election officials are aware of it, nothing is done to prevent it.

Project Veritas has also done a great job revealing the not-so-secret shadow banning epidemic and media bias targeting conservatives.

No other news organization has done more than WND to cover the scope of influence and power wielded by what they refer to as the “Internet Cartel” consisting of Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Amazon, Apple, and others.  Facebook, Apple, Netflix, and Google have become so influential (and profitable) they earned their own acronym in the world of finance, FANG Stocks.

In contrast to the FANG Stocks’ growth and profits, Joseph Farah, WND Founder and CEO, has been on a mission since January 2018 to expose how Google has reduced conservative groups’ revenue by selectively reducing the search visibility of conservative news.  No search results means fewer visitors.  Since online advertising is paid based on the number of page impressions and clicks (on the ad itself), fewer visitors means less revenue.

It’s all part of their plan, as you’ll see.

So, who are the players in David Brock’s report and what exactly is their plan?

Media Matters, founded by David Brock, is a 501(c)4 non-profit created to counter the effectiveness of the conservative Media Research Center.  Its core mission, “disarming right-wing misinformation” (p. 4), which it calls fake news and propaganda.  In addition to Media Research Center, they have particular animus against Breitbart, Steve Bannon, and Right Side Broadcasting, or “Trump TV” as cited on page five of the report.

American Bridge, founded by David Brock, is a Super PAC that specializes in opposition research for the Democratic Party.

CREW is a 501(c)3 non-profit described as nonpartisan but created to counter the effectiveness of Judicial Watch.  David Brock served as CREW’s Chairman of the Board from 2014-2017.

Shareblue, a news website owned by David Brock, was initially purchased to help presidential candidate Hillary Clinton get elected but has vowed to raise $40 Million to oppose President Trump.

Mr. Brock’s organizations are loud, proud, aggressive, and extremely effective.

The confidential report boasts a number of successes attributed to Media Matters, such as, news outlets denying candidate Trump phone interview privileges (p. 6).  They also claim responsibility for getting Glenn Beck off cable news (p. 8).  Most notably, they claim responsibility for getting Mark Zuckerberg to take action against “fake news” (p. 10).

American Bridge claims responsibility for driving “673 stories throughout the campaign exposing Trump’s unstable temperament, scam-filled business record, history of sexual abuse and misogyny, and racist behavior” (p. 16).  They also claim credit for the smear campaign that damaged the reputation of the Koch brothers (p. 20).

CREW’s accomplishments seem to be predominantly in the arena of reporting perceived FEC violations.

Shareblue boasts the promotion of Hillary Clinton through one positive article being share over 800,000 times, with others shared hundreds of thousands more (p. 36), while their anti-Trump videos were viewed over 20 Million times (p. 38).


Knowing how effective they were in the past, it escapes me how this report didn’t immediately cause every conservative politician, media concern, and PAC to unite their efforts to combat them.

Media Matters was tasked with targeting the Internet and social media, so Google and Facebook will “no longer uncritically and without consequence host and enrich fake news sites and propagandists” (p. 6).  There is no questioning their effectiveness already.

Along with Media Matters, Southern Poverty Law Center has been very instrumental in helping Facebook, Amazon, Google, and Twitter police what is acceptable and what is punishable, especially as it pertains to hate speech.  As a result, they are no longer simply shadow-banning.  Now they are literally banning content outright (Alex Jones and PragerU).

American Bridge’s key objective is to “defeat Trump either through impeachment or at the ballot box in 2020” (p. 16).  They claim over 20,000 hours of video and audio footage, with 2,000 on Trump alone (p. 17), along with 289 candidate research books (p. 15), and nearly 80 entities already using their materials (p. 16).  Their goal is to use social media to bypass traditional media, so they can reach the electorate directly (p. 16).

From what we have seen in the news recently from Omarosa Manigult Newman and just her claims of audio recordings, it appears American Bridge may not be bluffing.  And, they claim to have a 16-terabyte video archive utilizing a DARPA-developed audio-searchable database (p. 22).

A secondary objective for American Bridge is to shift the balance of power by impacting the US Senate, gubernatorial, and state legislative races (p. 16).  How will they affect the balance of power?  Distractions and misinformation.  “Republicans will spend precious resources defending stories generated by Bridge in competitive races.  Republicans will be forced to spend money in races that otherwise wouldn’t be competitive due to Bridge’s work putting them in play” (p. 23).

CREW’s agenda consists of litigation, litigation, and more litigation.  “Trump will be afflicted by a steady flow of damaging information, new revelations, and an inability to avoid conflicts issues (sic)… The Trump administration will be forced to defend illegal conduct in court” (p. 26).   Just look at the Mueller investigation and the myriad lawsuits concerning Trump’s Executive Orders.

If their efforts weren’t so insidious, their hypocrisy would be comical: “CREW will comprehensively monitor the secret influence of powerful special interest on the Trump administration, including the heavy presence of executives from powerful industries, as well as lobbyists and other representatives of special interest groups in key administrative positions” (p. 27).


First, let’s review the Whitehouse visitor logs from when Obama was in office.  Then, let’s conduct a serious investigation into Secretary of State Clinton and the Clinton Cartel Foundation regarding pay for play.  After that, let’s investigate the influence-peddling of David Brock’s organizations.

Maybe it’s time to revive John Stossel’s “Give me a break.”

Finally, there’s Shareblue.  “Shareblue is a digital attacker… Our relentless coverage of Trump models how to put him and his collaborators on the defensive…” (p. 34).  Their goal is to be the antidote to Breitbart, but they claim “Progressive media platforms are not positioned for this fight.  They influence mainstream media and political elites, but do not reach people where they are” (p. 33).  One of their key objectives is to ensure “Trump allies are forced to step down or change course due to news we push” (p. 36).

When I first read the report, I immediately rejected one of the “progressive media” claims as complete garbage, but the more I think about it, the more I realize how true it is.  “They advocate for progressive issues, but avoid partisan combat” (p. 33).  It’s true.  They avoid partisan combat by preemptively destroying the competition.  It doesn’t matter who’s hurt along the way.  They play to win, and they make no apologies for how they play the game.

The social media giants aren’t the only ones succumbing to “progressive media” pressure.  Visa and Mastercard have recently joined in due to pressure from the Southern Poverty Law Center, declining payment processing for David Horowitz Freedom Center, while Mastercard was instrumental in getting Robert Spencer (Jihad Watch) removed from the Patreon platform.

Why has it taken almost two years for this report to start gaining attention in conservative circles?  The Progressive agenda is no secret, but David Brock’s document makes it crystal clear.

I’m not well-connected, so I have no immediate means of organizing the conservative organizations who could effectively combat David Brock’s agenda, but I can call on those who are and offer a few suggestions.

PJ Media released a list of the top 50 conservative websites of 2017.  Let’s start there.

I know everyone is busy pursuing their own agendas but given the laser-focused determination of the left, and specifically David Brock and his organizations, it’s time we start using a portion of the resources afforded by the traffic those sites generate to target the opposition with purpose.

Instead of operating independently, conservatives need to band together, assigning and delegating tasks to groups equipped to execute what needs to be done.  If The Daily Caller Foundation finds something that needs to be pursued legally, they should be able to exchange information (and funding) with Judicial Watch or the ACLJ to pursue litigation.  Likewise, The Daily Caller, Daily Wire, WND, etc. should be responsible for publishing the findings of Judicial Watch and the ACLJ, so they may remain focused on litigation instead of media demands.

If someone is especially gifted in fundraising, that gift could be dedicated to running organizations (PACs, Super PACs, and charitable foundations) that can be a source of funding for a variety of conservative concerns.  Done properly, the reliance on Google Ad funding would diminish greatly while the PACs, Super PACs, and charitable foundations fund the efforts needed to combat the social media attacks on conservative ideals.

In addition, by using blockchain technology similar to minds.com, conservative media could band together to create a platform that could be financially and ideologically free from Internet censors.

As the top 50 sites combine and share resources, dedicated staff could be assigned to monitor specific media organizations, whether it’s legacy media, cable news, Brock’s (or other Progressive) organizations, or the actions of the Internet gatekeepers.

We also need to expand our reach beyond the Internet and social media.

Our educational system has been overrun by progressives.  The entertainment industry has, as well.  We need talented conservatives who are willing and able to retake those segments of society.

Another way we can expand beyond the Internet is the creation of a nationally broadcasted conservative television station to compete head-to-head with ABC, CBS, NBC, and PBS.  There are millions of people who still don’t surf the web and may not be able to afford cable.  They need access to the truth.  They may not watch a conservative news broadcast, but the conservative agenda and ideals could be infused into the regular programming just as the liberal agenda is foisted upon us on the other channels.

All of this takes time and money.  I’m doing my part and I’m willing to partner with anyone who is willing to do theirs.

For those who are so inclined, I encourage you to pray.  The battle we face is more than just a right versus left issue.  It’s as much spiritual as it is physical.  We need to pray for wisdom, guidance, knowledge, and inspiration…for each other, but more specifically for those in leadership positions in the conservative media and politics.  We need to pray the truth will prevail and the lies (and liars) will be exposed.  Finally, we need to pray for unselfish unity within the conservative movement (pro-Trump and never-Trump), so the necessary resources can be raised and shared to accomplish a common goal.

We need to stop fighting each other and fight for the soul of our Republic.

Tell us (and others) what you think.

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