Kavanaugh Ford Hit Job

Obstruction, Obfuscation, and Character Assassination

Anyone following the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh over the past few weeks has witnessed an orchestrated hit, possibly using at least one unwitting accomplice.

Let me start by saying anyone who wants to comment on this post is entitled to their opinion, but unless you watched the entire hearing and are weighing your opinion against the facts, you may want to reconsider.  The facts are 100% one-sided, despite your opinion of either Dr. Christine Blasey Ford or Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Sincerity doesn’t matter.

Emotions don’t matter.

In a case as important as this, only one thing matters.  Facts.

As I watched the hearing yesterday, one glaring fact stood out: Dr. Ford was being used.  Judge Kavanaugh stopped short of declaring as much when Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) pressed him for an answer, but there is no doubt Christine Blasey Ford was a pawn in the Democrat’s game of chess.

When given the chance to question Dr. Ford, the Democrats instead pontificated her heroism, heaping on accolades for even coming forward.  When given the opportunity to question Judge Kavanaugh, they either tried to discredit him as a black-out drunk or press him to delay his confirmation by asking for an FBI investigation.

The Republicans weren’t much better.  The forum did not allow the prosecutor, Rachel Mitchell, enough time or latitude to gather enough information from Dr. Ford for any of those watching to make an informed decision.  And, the discrepancies she was circling around were never presented concretely.  When it came time for her to question Judge Kavanaugh, she was so ineffectual the Republicans benched her.

I will not denigrate Dr. Ford.  I believe she was terrified to testify in public.  I also believe she believes her testimony.   Unfortunately, I don’t find her credible.  It’s impossible to find her credible.  Her story has too many inconsistencies.  Sincerity should not be confused with credibility [able to be believed; convincing.  Oxford Dictionary].

Her therapist’s notes state one thing, her written polygraph notes state another, her written testimony to the Judiciary Committee state another, and her verbal testimony stated another.  Was it four boys in the room or just two?  Was it four boys at the party or three and one girl?  Or, was it at least four boys and at least one other girl?

Before the hearing, Dr. Ford’s attorneys played delay tactics by claiming she would have to drive to DC because her claustrophobia prevented her from flying.  But, it was discovered she flies frequently to distant exotic locations.

Despite the inconsistencies, Dr. Ford claims she is 100% certain it was Brett Kavanaugh who assaulted her.  She named Brett Kavanaugh and Mark Judge in the upstairs bedroom with her, with PJ and her friend Leland Ingham Keyser downstairs.

Contrary to her written and verbal testimony, however, Mark Judge, Patrick Smyth (PJ), and Dr. Ford’s life-long friend Leland Keyser all reject her claims in their own written statements, subject to (felony) perjury charges.

Judge Kavanaugh also rejects her claims.  Unfortunately, there is no way for him to prove with any certainty that he didn’t do what he was accused of doing.

Judge Kavanaugh’s calendars don’t prove anything, because Dr. Ford doesn’t know when or where the incident occurred.  His character witnesses don’t prove anything either because they weren’t there.  How could they be?  Even Dr. Ford’s witnesses say they weren’t there.

So, what are we left with?  He said, she said.

What do we know for sure?

First, Dr. Ford is making an unsubstantiated claim against Judge Kavanaugh, and whether or not you want to believe her, Judge Kavanaugh deserves the presumption of innocence.

Second, the Democrats intentionally withheld Dr. Ford’s accusation until the opportune moment to inflict the most damage on Judge Kavanaugh’s chances of confirmation.  If they wanted the truth, they had plenty of time to present Dr. Ford’s letter to Judicial Committee Chairman Grassley for a formal, confidential investigation.  Instead, the story was leaked to the press and then presented to the committee just prior to Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation vote, forcing a delay while forcing Dr. Ford to publicly testify.  They didn’t care if she became a casualty.

Pay no attention to the fact that Dr. Ford had no idea how her polygraph was being paid, or how her relocation and security detail was being paid.  Maybe it’s through a GoFundMe campaign or something…  No, wait, her pro-bono (working for free) attorneys are paying for the polygraph.

Pay no attention to how the Washington Times revealed Dr. Ford’s attorney Debra Katz is vice chair of the George Soros-funded (Tides Foundation and Open Society for America) Project on Government Oversight organization.  I’m sure that’s just a coincidence.

I’m also sure it’s just a coincidence that the third Kavanaugh accuser, Julie Swetnick, previously used Debra Katz’s law firm for a sexual harassment lawsuit against a former employer.

The second accuser, Deborah Ramirez, and Julie Swetnick are not credible in the least.  Their stories are uncorroborated or flatly denied by potential witnesses.  Complete garbage.

This charade was always about delaying Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation in hopes of the mid-term elections tilting the scales of power in the House and Senate so the Democrats could thwart any additional conservative Supreme Court nominations.

Need proof?  The first tweet below features an excerpt from a New York Times article quoting Brian Fallon, the founder of Demand Justice, a Soros-funded organization devoted to stopping Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

The second tweet above refers to the website below.  Amy Coney Barrett is President Trump’s presumed second SCOTUS choice if Judge Kavanaugh is not confirmed.

The bottom line?  The Democrats seized on an opportunity to use and leverage Dr. Ford against Judge Kavanaugh despite the personal cost to either one.  Their only objective is winning at all costs.

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  1. I could not agree more. I watched the whole meeting and was frustrated by the lack of evidence. That meeting should never have taken place. She did not have verified evidence that it was Brett. She could have had sworn statements from the people she claims were involved before she went to Washington. She could have brought the video and questions from the lie detector test. I find it hard to believe that Dr. Ford did not know how to get in touch with those in the political arena to give the information. The web has phone numbers and addresses of the people she could have contacted. The Dems are beyond what anyone could imagine to bring down our country. They have no shame or decency. Was the information really leaked or given for political gain?
    Pray for Brett and his family and also pray for Dr. Ford that she gets the justice she deserves. I do not believe Brett was involved.

    1. Their house of cards is collapsing… From the 2012 two-door house renovation (that was completed much earlier and may have included a room and bathroom) to lying about coaching someone for a lie detector… Every serious allegation is being proven false and the inconsequential ones are being proven inaccurate, like the bar fight/beer-in-the-face. Now Feinstein wants to keep the FBI findings confidential. Gee, I wonder why… I still haven’t heard a final word on who leaked Dr. Ford’s letter or who was responsible for releasing the Senators’ personal information. I keep praying every lie and liar will be exposed.

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