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More Palestinian Oppression?

Another Friday, another protest, but this week Jordan gets in on the action

Without any clear explanation other than enforcing previous internal policy decisions, Jordan began revoking the Jordanian citizenship and passports of roughly 30 Palestinian Authority and Fatah officials, including President Mahmoud Abbas, his two sons, Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat and Palestinian Authority negotiator Ahmed Qurei, according to the Jerusalem Post and London-based Arabic language newspaper Raialyoum.

It appears the interactions between the Jordanian government and Abbas have deteriorated to such an extent that Abbas is planning to sell his home in Amman.

This is not the first time Jordan has revoked Jordanian citizenship from its Palestinian guests, however.  In 2011, thousands had their citizenship revoked at the same time Abbas was being awarded Jordanian citizenship, according to the Jerusalem Post.  At the time, it appeared the Jordanians viewed the Palestinian refugees as a threat, since they comprised roughly 20% of their 9.5 million population.

I outlined the plight of Palestinian refugees on April 9th in an article concerning the “Great March of Return” demonstrations on the Gaza side of the security fence separating southern Israel from the Gaza strip.  Given this new information concerning Jordan’s mistreatment of its Palestinian neighbors, it is now clear that Israel is the leader in how well they treat the Palestinians within their borders, offering them full citizenship and voting rights.

As a show of farce force against “oppressive” Israel, the Palestinians protested for the fifth Friday in a row, with reports of at least three fatalities and hundreds wounded.  More senseless deaths.  For what?  Why isn’t there a Palestinian protest regarding the revocation of Jordanian citizenship?

It’s time the world removed its blinders.  Maybe, as reported in The Washington Free Beacon, it’s time for Washington to declassify and release what is described as a “game changer” report regarding the Palestinian refugee situation.

Dozens of members of Congress have already signed on to an effort to force the release of this State Department publication, which sources say was originally classified by the Obama administration in order to keep the findings secret from the American public and lawmakers…in order to prevent public disclosure that the number of Palestinian refugees is far smaller than the United Nations claims.

While UNRWA provides support to some 5.3 million Palestinians they claim are refugees, the actual number could be closer to 20,000, according to sources familiar with the report. A disclosure of this nature could shift the narrative with UNRWA and lead the United States to consider cutting even more funding to the agency.

I say release the report, what say you?

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  1. Why do our leaders and the press keep so many unclassified things secret when many classified secrets are not kept secret???? Does it in some way profit them???

  2. It may not necessarily profit them financially (at least immediately), but it certainly profits them ideologically. By keeping the public in the dark, they can shape the narrative to suit their needs. Their ability to shape the narrative, whether it’s global finance, the push for one-world governance, Russian collusion, Islamic terrorism, Palestinian oppression, etc., goes away once the public knows the truth. Personally, I would like the public to be treated like mature adults who can handle the truth so the truth to set us free!

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