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Netanyahu: An Appropriate Response to Orlando

So much has already been said about the horrific tragedy in Orlando, but Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s poignant comments (in the video above) need to be heralded throughout the world.

We need more leaders like Benjamin Netanyahu, compassionate yet resolute.

Evil exists and we need to find ways to effectively confront it without losing our humanity and compassion.

Governor Rick Scott is another good example, offering condolences “to all the victims and their families,” requesting prayer “for everyone involved,” and taking a strong stance against terror.

Unfortunately, there are misguided individuals on social media who want to turn this tragedy into an opportunity to push an agenda.

Someone that used to be a very close friend of mine has gone off the deep end criticizing Gov. Scott for failing to mentions “gays,” while also railing against all politicians for not doing enough to regulate guns.

It’s sad, really.

I thought the whole idea of the LGBT agenda was equality.  Wouldn’t “everyone” include the LGBT victims and their families?  I could understand the anger if the tragedy was ignored, but it wasn’t.  The victims were recognized, and swift supportive action was taken.  They just weren’t recognized with a specific “gay” label.

Why attack Gov. Scott?  His greater concern was the cause of the attack, which was rightly identified as radical Islamic terrorism.

As for guns, if we confiscated every gun…every gun…how long do you suppose it would take for criminals to get their hands on one while everyone else is left unarmed and unable to defend themselves?

If criminals and law enforcement are the only ones with guns, how many more lives will be sacrificed on the altar of ideology before someone realizes prohibition won’t work for guns any better than it did for alcohol?  The end result would be far worse…

Guns aren’t the problem.  Evil is the problem!

We need to come together in times of tragedy, not drive wedges of hate between us.

We need to pause, pray, grieve, and thoughtfully consider our next steps so cooler heads may prevail, allowing wisdom and sound judgment to lead the way rather than agenda-driven emotional outbursts.

My friend’s reaction on social media reminds me of a time (over 30 years ago) when we were arguing in his car.  I was sitting behind him in the back seat while he was driving.  The argument got heated and he turn around and punched me in the chest.  I returned the favor by punching him in the back of the head.

He slammed on the brakes and we both jumped out.  Thankfully, the other passengers jumped out, too, and quickly diffused the situation.  Cooler heads prevailed.

Today, we all need friends to step in and help us diffuse the situation so cooler heads may prevail.

We also need more world leaders like Benjamin Netanyahu who have the wisdom to identify the threat we face, while possessing the disciplined determination to meet the threat with adequate force when necessary.





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