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No More Excuses! Murdered Teen Hallel-Yaffa Ariel

Again, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu displays true statesmanship, resolve, and dignity, as he honored Hallel-Yaffa Ariel, a 13 year old US citizen living in the West Bank of Israel.

All because a 17 year old Palestinian boy broke into the house and murdered Hallel in her sleep.

Although I have been writing a series concerning the roots of bitterness causing such hatred, there is no excuse for this type of barbarism!

Does any rational person believe grievances over “settlements” or perceived oppression in any way justifies the cold-blooded murder of an innocent little girl?

Nonetheless, outlets like ABC News — intentionally or unintentionally — give cover to the terrorists by contrasting the number of Palestinians killed, even while admitting the reason they were killed was in response to being the aggressors.

As a world community, we need to ask ourselves how many Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank would lose their lives, civilian or otherwise, if Israel was not first provoked.

Seriously, HOW MANY?

When do Israeli forces go on the offensive to kill anyone, especially civilians, without first being provoked or directly threatened?


If Israel reacts to an immediate threat or any act of violence committed against its citizens, condemnation always follows.  Even before they react, they are typically warned to refrain from retaliation…to remain calm…to be the voice of reason.

It is time for world leaders to unite in calling an end to the claims of Palestinian victimhood, standing with Israel as they defend themselves to isolate and eliminate the threat once and for all.

The only way the threat to Israel will cease is if the world community allows them to fully defend themselves without anyone offering pity to their aggressors.

World leaders need to do more than merely recognize Israel’s right to exist as a nation.  They need to stand with Israel in identifying and isolating Israel’s enemies.

Here’s a start: World leaders need to ask how a 17 year old boy can be driven to commit such a craven act of barbarism.

Let’s unite to restore common sense as we honor human life.

In our atmosphere of hyper-sensitive politically-correct nonsense here in America, a child can be suspended from school for making the shape of a gun with his fingers (or a Pop Tart), yet world leaders still allow Palestinian children in Gaza to be indoctrinated with a culture of war and hate, as this video clearly shows.

Where’s the outrage?

Once the Palestinian authority is isolated and realizes they have no backers, as the world community unanimously and correctly identifies them as the perpetrators of evil they are, we may finally have a chance at lasting peace.

Unfortunately, that is not going to happen, so chaos and strife will continue to feed the roots of bitterness.

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