Weekend Roundup

OneSource Weekend Roundup 01-27-18

A brief summary of the articles and updates posted this week

After another disastrous website crash last week, OneSource Media is fully operational again!

I may not have been able to write as many articles as I would have liked, due to the site redesign, but the ones posted show progress is being made toward real justice.

Turning the Corner Toward Responsible Humanitarian Aid – The US Government is taking measures to defund aid ($110 Million) to Palestinian-friendly UNRWA while committing $55 Million to USAID for assistance to religious and ethnic minorities affected by ISIS in the Iraqi province of Ninewa.

Texts Reveal the Appearance of Coordinated Anti-Trump Bias – FBI text messages released by the Department of Justice painted a picture of apparent bias against 1.) candidate, 2.) President-Elect, and 3.) President Trump, yet the original submission had a glaring 5-month gap of “missing” texts.  In an update posted 1-24, Senator Ron Johnson revealed an informant conforming off-site meetings by a “secret society” of DOJ personnel.  In an update posted 1-25, Fox News confirmed the “DOJ discovery” of the missing texts.

Peace in the Middle East? – Highlighting the never-ending rivalry of Muslim Sunni-Shia factions, this article explores unlikely alliances forming in the Middle East, how they align with end-times prophecy, and how NEOM, a multi-billion Saudi utopian experiment, may fulfill the role of Mystery Babylon from the book of Revelation.

Hidden Truth About Nunes’ Memo Revealed? – After Devin Nunes announced the forthcoming release of his 4-page memo, speculation started swirling about the voracity of his claims, along with the wisdom of its release.  Trey Gowdy insisted the information is credible and the release was necessary.  Seemingly unrelated, former Secretary of State John Kerry appears to confirm the FBI-DOJ anti-Trump bias Nunes claims his memo unveils.

Credible, Explosive Interview Regarding Nunes-Mueller Showdown – The Daily Caller published an interview they conducted with former Federal Prosecutor Joe diGenova.  Hands down, it is the most concise yet comprehensive explanation of the corruption associated with the Mueller Trump-Russia collusion probe and its direct ties to the Uranium One scandal.  It’s a must-see expose’!

Senate Investigations Heating Up!  Trouble for the Clintons? – Senators Chuck Grassley and Lindsey Graham sent six letters to key individuals seeking answers to whether undue influence was used in association with the Christopher Steele/Fusion GPS dossier and the FBI.

Next week, I hope to post at least two articles per day, with several returning to the original intent of the OneSource Media site, which is supposed to be faith, finance, and world events.  American politics will still be part of the mix, but too many competing voices are rehashing the same information.  My intent is to make OneSource stand out by providing important yet less-read news.

Stay tuned as we continue to grow!

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