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Orlando Terror Attack: A Critical Observation

The Orlando tragedy is everywhere in the news: CNN, Fox, ABC, CBS, NBC, NYT, Breitbart, Drudge, WND.

50 dead, 53 injured…a horrific tragedy, truly horrific.

Thankfully, most of the mainstream media and investigating authorities have been quick to reveal the shooter’s identity, radical affiliations, and supposed motives.  The shooter, Omar Mateen, was a U.S.-born citizen who, as a Muslim, pledged allegiance to the Islamic State.

According to Fox News, ISIS quickly claimed Mateen was an ISIS fighter, although they didn’t identify Mateen by name.

Despite ISIS staking claim, Mateen’s Imam, Syed Shafeeq Rahman, claims the attack was, “totally unexpected,” adding, “My personal opinion is that this has nothing to do with ISIS,” according to CBS News.

That’s an interesting declaration…

Before I address Rahman’s claim that the attack “has nothing to do with ISIS,” I have three very important questions.

  1. Why is the media so quick to identify Omar Mateen as Muslim?
  2. Why are the investigators and media so quick to identify this attack as terrorism?
  3. Why is the Muslim community so quick to step into the conversation and investigation?

The answer to the first two questions is simple.  It fits an acceptable narrative.

For other recent terror attacks, the media always seems to echo the chorus of, “the motive is not known.”  Here, they are quick to point directly to the motive, and they are quick to identify the perpetrator as Muslim.  Why now?

Omar Mateen perpetrated his attack on the gay community.  That’s it.

He wasn’t attacking “the West”, Jews, Christians, or even other Muslims because of their “wayward beliefs”, beliefs that don’t align properly with their interpretation of Islam.

In the media, that is rarely, if ever, an admitted motive.

Today, however, the media is more than willing to identify this terror attack as a hate crime against gays, because that fits their narrative.

And, just saying that will label me and this site as homophobic.  I am not anti-gay.  I am simply pro truth.

The mainstream media is biased.  They report what fits their agenda.

Strangely, the Muslim community is more than happy to admit Mateen was Muslim, but they are also quick to dismiss any affiliation with ISIS (Islamic State).  Why?

Again, it fits a narrative.  It’s OK to admit he was Muslim.  It may even be OK to admit he was acting out of hatred for the gay community.  It is not OK to associate his admitted Muslim ideologies with the ideologies of ISIS.

And, just saying that will label me and this site as Islamophobic.  I’m not anti-Muslim.  I am simply pro truth.

Where is the honest reporting about the agenda of the Islamic State, in directly correlation to the teaching of Islam?

Where is the honest reporting about all the terror attacks done in the name of Islam here and abroad?

Where is the honest reporting regarding the people being persecuted for their faith at the hands of Muslims in just about every corner of the world?

Where are our world leaders who are willing to call evil, evil?


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  1. With the massive leftist media, it always has to fit their agenda, and not necessarily the one the public wants: truth. It would be so great if the media was fashioned from the cloth it was. It all started with handbills from political ideology of the handbill hander’s, back in the days of the founding of this country, and I suspect that is the way it was everywhere else. We only want the truth. We don’t need Katie Couric, or some other personality telling us what to believe. That’s why it is important for those of us who ask for the truth to start our own. Same in politics as in religious truths, also, and there, to a Christian, it can even be troubling, but I have more faith in the Bible, than the media.

    “And, just saying that will label me and this site as Islamophobic. I’m not anti-Muslim. I am simply pro truth.” I wouldn’t worry about that, at all. Water off a duck’s feathers. If you are, I am, too. Truth has a way of eventually getting out, doesn’t it?

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