Political Duplicity Disguised as Honor and Justice

It’s time for honest self-reflection. There’s a difference between a principled stand and outright bias.

For conservatives, the presidency of Barack Obama was a nightmare, because he stood against every principle we believed. Race had nothing to do with it, yet that is a typical accusation.

To followers of Christ, Barak Obama was more than just a political nightmare and historical revisionist, he was a heretic. He claimed to be a Christian, yet his actions spoke otherwise. In his view, the United States shouldn’t be considered a Christian nation. Instead, he credited Muslims as being instrumental in building our democracy and the very fabric of our nation. He even slipped, mentioning his Muslim faith.

Obama may have been bad, but allowing Hillary Clinton to become president would have upped the ante. In addition to her stated desire to change the “deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs, and structural biases” of our nation, she also wanted to remove any impediment to abortion. That, in itself, should make anyone who believes in the sanctity of life want to vote for someone else.

Then, along came the bombastic rabble-rouser Donald Trump. On policy issues, political bona fides, and personal integrity, he was a ghost compared to Ted Cruz. Nonetheless, Cruz lost the nomination to the anti-establishment Trump.

The merits of hypothetically comparing Trump to Cruz is one thing. The reality of comparing Trump to Hillary Clinton is entirely different. Trump is not perfect in speech, behavior, or political acuity. No argument there. He may even be an opportunist, but he is still far better for the conservative cause and our nation than Hillary Clinton.

The facts don’t lie. His accomplishments have proven his agenda is far more conservative than the early nay-sayers want to admit, myself included.

Contrary to the facts, and instead of thanking God Hillary Clinton did not get elected, we have an entire cottage industry of conservatives that can’t get past the crushing defeat of Ted Cruz (or anyone but Trump), and as a result, are mercilessly critical of Trump’s every move, even to the point of changing their own political views because they might align with Trump’s (i.e. Jerusalem).

Ironically, the same conservatives who incessantly bash Trump for his perceived failures fail to recognize how their bias informs their opinion. Instead, they think they’re defenders of the truth, the last bastions of honor and justice. They’re deceiving themselves. It’s called identity politics.

Worse, conservatives who claim to be followers of Christ undermine scripture (Romans 13:1-7, 1 Timothy 2:1-4, 1 Peter 2:13-17) when they unjustly criticize our sitting president.

Then, there’s Roy Moore… After the allegations of sexual impropriety came out against him, he never had a chance. Identity politics took over from the start. There was no way the liberals were going to paint the conservatives as hypocrites. Not this time. Harvey Weinstein was guilty, so Roy Moore had to be, as well. No compromise! The accusers sounded credible, so due process was scrapped.

Even conservatives who claim to be followers of Christ jumped on the band-wagon, unwilling to offer Judge Moore the presumption of innocence until proven guilty. Sadly, even after he lost, some still piled on.

Now, we are being asked to support Andrew Puzder after he withered and withdrew his name from consideration as Labor Secretary under pressure from fellow conservatives due, in part, to allegations of spousal abuse…from a divorce in 1988.

It didn’t matter that his ex-wife recanted her claims long before the allegations surfaced in 2017. A privately screened video of an old Oprah appearance by Mr. Puzder’s ex-wife seemed credible, so the accusations were used to increase pressure for him to step aside. He did.

Sound familiar? “Credible” accusations alone were used to destroy another opportunity for a qualified conservative to stand against the creep of progressive liberal ideals. The truth? Who cares? We have principles to uphold…

In the case of Roy Moore, accusations were leveled, and although some have been proven false, the remainder are still believed by some because they sound credible. No proof. No conviction. Just accusations. Despite it all, Roy Moore stands willing to fight. Right or wrong, you can’t accuse him of being weak. Meanwhile, legal battles ensue that may finally reveal the truth. Time will tell.

In the case of Andrew Puzder, there was immediate cause to disregard the accusations when they surfaced in February 2017. Sure, there were other factors that contributed to his withdrawal (sexist commercials, minimum wage, robots, etc.), but the key point is he withered under the criticism and withdrew. He didn’t stand and fight. Doesn’t that seem odd? Was there more to the story?

More than that, why are we being asked to support him now? What changed? His skill set hasn’t changed, but what about his ability to resist the opposition? What’s going to prevent him from giving in to pressure again?

Personally, I don’t think either one should have been pressured to step aside, but they were. One blinked, the other didn’t. If we’re being asked to throw Roy Moore into the dustbin, I think it’s only fair we ask Andrew Puzder to be thrown in with him.

Those are my thoughts. What say you?

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  1. Your article was spot on. Anyone can make a claim or accuse someone, but it has to be proved before we can make a judgement. I wonder what would happen if Hillary was accused of sexual harassment. Would the media jump on the band wagon????? Many in this country are so brain washed by the media they can’t think for themselves.

  2. Thanks for pointing me here, Dave. I agree with your conclusion about Puzder and Moore. It would have been good to see Puzder fight back, but some people will just walk away, rather than upset the apple cart. The hyper political era we are experiencing has to stop. There will be nothing left to call home, before long. I’m still angry over the Roy Moore situation. Crimes were committed taking him out.

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