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Tragedy in Dallas: 5 Officers Dead, 7 More Wounded

EVERY LIFE MATTERS!  I am saddened and outraged by the news of 5 Dallas police officers being killed and 7 wounded, as reported by many media outlets this morning.

Whether or not a civilian being shot by a police officer is justified, retaliation by killing other officers is NEVER justified.  I don’t care if the subject of the shooting is black or white.

Are the Dallas officers related to the original shooting incident?  What did they do wrong?  When will the madness and senseless killing end?

Anyone who wants to protest without knowing all the circumstances surrounding an officer-involved shooting needs to first understand the job of a police officer, especially in light of our current environment.

How would you react if you knew every domestic call, every confrontation, every traffic stop could potentially be violent?  Would you be afraid?  Do you think you would be prone to act out of self-preservation?

What is the proper police officer response to an uncooperative subject?  How many instructions should he/she give…how many warnings?

If people don’t want to get shot, they should immediately follow every instruction given and communicate calmly with the officers.  Then, if something tragic happens, the legal system should handle the aftermath, not vigilantly protestors.

There are always two sides to every story, but an unjustified death doesn’t justify breaking the law in response.

Lord, please help us consider every side of a situation before we react, and then help us react in a way that honors the truth!

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