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Judge Kavanaugh Is Simply A Threat

The confirmation process of Judge Kavanaugh has revealed the true character of evil possessing the pro-choice crowd.  They are willing to destroy an innocent man out of fear he may tilt the scales of justice away from activism and back toward the rule of law and sanctity of life.

Activists in politics, media, and the entertainment industry have no sense of moral obligation to the truth.  They lie and motivate others to lie as a means to an end.

In the political arena, the mania surrounding Judge Kavanaugh started with unending document review requests.  When his judicial credibility couldn’t be reasonably challenged, sexual assault allegations were leveled against him.  When those accusations failed, he was accused of being an abusive black-out drunk who perjured himself.  And, now that none of those accusations are holding up, his demeanor is being questioned.  He’s accused of being too emotional to be an impartial judge.  And, since he was emotional during his testimony, he must be lying, so an open-ended investigation is being demanded until they can manufacture anything to prevent his confirmation.

Sound familiar?  It’s the same pattern they’re continuing to use against President Trump.

Forget Judge Kavanaugh’s impeccable history on the bench.  That’s immaterial because it can’t be used against him.  They want to paint him as a monster who will reverse Roe v Wade and cause multitudes of women to die in the streets.  Back to that in a moment.

Forget the fact that his primary accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, couldn’t remember key details of the “assault” party (location or time), changed her story multiple times regarding the number of people in the room and at the party, and potentially lied under oath twice, once about her “renovation” therapy session in 2012 and again about advice given regarding polygraph exams.  No, no, no.  We must believe her because she supposedly sounds credible.

Forget the fact that all her named “witnesses” refute her claims while she and her attorneys withhold key evidence (see the letter below).  Instead, Judge Kavanaugh is presumed guilty simply because he was accused.  No corroboration necessary.

The destruction of Judge Kavanaugh and his family doesn’t matter to them.  The truth doesn’t matter to them.  They have an agenda, and nothing short of a pro-choice activist judge offered up on their altar of child sacrifice will appease them.

Truthfully, the pro-choice movement really is about women’s rights.  Abortion is secondary.  Nonetheless, abortion is now legal because those who approved it were somehow convinced that truth is also secondary to women’s rights.

Full disclosure: I’m a white male who has faith in Jesus Christ.  That makes me a three-time offender according to some, so what I have to say doesn’t matter.  But, I digress…

When it comes to abortion, pro-choice women want total control AND veto power.  It’s their body, so the unborn child doesn’t matter and neither does the sperm donor.  If a woman wants an abortion, the unborn child and sperm donor have no rights.  If a woman doesn’t want an abortion, the sperm donor still has no rights yet may be forced to pay child support.

Some may argue it’s the sperm donor’s duty as a father to support his child.  I agree, but in the greater context of the pro-choice agenda, it’s also irrelevant.  I intentionally used the term sperm donor because the man has no voice in the pro-choice arena.  If he is forced to pay child support to a woman who chooses to have a baby against his (pro-choice) wishes, shouldn’t he be able to sue for damages if his child is terminated against his (pro-life) wishes?  Our legal system has penalties for the intended or unintended death of an unborn child if the mother is killed.  What’s the difference?  The difference is the right of a woman for full, unfettered control and the abdication of personal responsibility.

Decisions have consequences.  That may sound harsh, but it’s true.  Unprotected sex may result in disease, but it also may produce an unwanted pregnancy.  Even protected sex is not foolproof.  To combat that reality, the pro-choice movement wants to give women the unilateral right to have sex whenever and with whomever they want (along with free contraceptives, since choice is their right), and then unilateral control (right) to reverse the consequences of their poor judgment.

What is the byproduct of a pregnancy?  It’s not a potential human being.  It’s a developing human being whose lifecycle began at conception, whether conception was planned or unplanned.

If life begins at conception, as real science confirms, the only consideration is whether terminating that life is murder.  Viability does not determine the right to life under our Constitution or the higher moral law established by God.  Life should be protected.  Period.

To deflect attention away from the true pro-choice agenda, pregnancy as the result of rape or incest is always used as a ploy to garner sympathy and support for the cause.  Sure, rape or incest may produce an unwanted pregnancy, but the core issue is still the same.  Terminating a pregnancy terminates an innocent life, and the termination of an innocent life is murder.  Period.

As a last-ditch effort to garner support, pro-choice advocates will use the potential threat an unborn child may cause to the life of the mother.  That’s a tough one.  if the mother’s life is truly in jeopardy, the doctors are tasked with determining if the baby is the cause and whether one or the other really needs to be sacrificed.  Due to the unique circumstances and rarity of those flashpoint decisions, it’s not a factor that should be included in the abortion debate, because those life-and-death choices are not decisions of convenience.  I would put those types of decisions in the same category as the life-and-death decisions necessary when someone is on life support.  If the wrong decision is made, such as pulling the plug prematurely, there may be legal consequences.  The same should be true of choices between the life of an unborn child and the life of the mother.  Again, decisions have consequences.

How did we arrive at a point in history where convenience and a woman’s right to choose (sex and abortion) trumps the right of others?

I say it started when we allowed faulty scientific theories to be presented as truth, which ultimately resulted in the removal of morality.  If all we are is the result of random accidents over billions of years, then there is no God.  If there is no God, there are no moral absolutes.  If there are no moral absolutes, anything goes, including the murder of an innocent child, and no one should be able to impose their will upon a woman who wants to terminate the life of an unborn child.  It’s her choice and she shouldn’t be accountable to anyone.

To be honest, I believe that’s at the core of the #MeToo movement, as well.  I’m not trying to dismiss the seriousness of rape or sexual assault.  For women who have truly been traumatized by real sexual assault or rape, I feel true compassion.  They deserve justice.  Unfortunately, anything can be construed as unwelcomed sexual aggression simply by a woman’s choice to make the declaration, even if it was consensual when it occurred.  And, it will always be he said, she said.

That is not what happened in the case being made against Judge Kavanaugh.  There is no evidence against him besides a flimsy accusation.  On the contrary, as the details are examined, it appears the real crimes may have been committed by the accusers.

It’s almost certain Dr. Ford perjured herself with regard to the 2012 “remodeling” therapy session and questions about polygraph coaching.  More than that, the FBI may have uncovered coordination between the three accusing parties (Ford, Ramirez, and Swetnick), along with an attempt to influence an “adjustment” to the sworn testimony of Dr. Ford’s longtime friend Leland Keyser.  See Chairman Grassley’s letter to Dr. Ford’s lawyers below.

Grassley to Dr. Ford Attorneys (10-4 - Evidence Request Follow-Up)

In an interesting twist, it appears the person attempting to exert influence on Ms. Keyser is a former FBI agent and longtime friend of Dr. Ford, Monica McLean, according to the Wall Street Journal.  And, Ms. McLean just happens to be named in a sworn statement by Dr. Ford’s ex-boyfriend as the friend who received polygraph exam coaching.

We are witnessing a coordinated effort to destroy a man’s career and reputation over the fight for a woman’s right to choose (irresponsibly) an option that should be illegal.  Thankfully, the initial votes are in and it appears Judge Kavanaugh will be confirmed.

While I doubt it will ever happen – even with Judge Kavanaugh appointed to SCOTUS, Roe v Wade should be overturned to restore the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness to the unborn.

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